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AI has reached widespread adoption within many industries.

If a computer vision solution is part of your digital transformation strategy, utilize our expertise to de-risk your adoption of this groundbreaking technology.

Our thorough high-level analysis will focus upon evaluating feasibility, risk and reward relevant to your project and requirements.

We provide industry leading computer vision consulting advice on the following applications:

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Integrating computer vision into your business operations is not without risk; especially for businesses lacking in AI, Neural Network or Deep Learning expertise. 

The consultancy team live and breath computer vision. We understand the ins-and-outs of the technology, the benefits it can bring whilst also being acutely aware of the potential pitfalls that stand in your way. 

Our team of computer vision experts will thoroughly analyse and audit your computer vision ambitions, helping to guide you from idea to implementation.

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The wide variety of applications of Computer Vision provide numerous opportunities for businesses to harness the power of AI for themselves. 

Whatever stage of the Computer Vision process your business is at, our team can provide a valuable insight and advisory service. 

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    AI Computer Vision: The Technology Transforming Industries

    If you are seeking inspiration of how your business could benefit from a computer vision solution, read how industries such as retail and manufacturing are harnessing the power of AI.

    Defect Detection

    Ensure the end of your production line is free of defects courtesy of artificial intelligence in manufacturing. Image classification and object detection are two facets which lend themselves to defect detection by identifying defects within the product and can be implemented at different stages of the production line. 

    When a defect is detected, this image will be flagged and in turn, a response from the machine can remove the product in question.

    Inspection & Counting

    Pharmaceutical companies and many other manufacturers distribute products that contain a certain number of items within a container. Within a pharmaceutical plant, AI image recognition software can process images to check that each tablet is the correct size, color, and without any defects. Machine vision is also used to count the correct number of tablets into a packet or container.

    Predictive Maintenance

    Ensure your machinery is performing at its optimum along every stage of the production line. Avoid any downtime by being one step ahead at all times thanks to predictive maintenance, an artificial intelligence manufacturing technology which collects images from cameras attached to the robots. These images are compared to those in the model's trained dataset to identify any changes or potential problems that may come to fruition in the near future if no early intervention is made.

    Item and Component Construction

    For businesses creating a product that is made up of multiple components, before the end-result is ready for distribution it needs to be checked so that everything is complete and fully functional. Artificial intelligence in manufacturing utilizes image recognition software to ensure trained object detection models identify each individual component within the product. Once all are identified, the product is ready for distribution. Any products with missing components are flagged and can be pulled off the production line.

    Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) Tracking

    Pharmaceutical firms, and businesses across other industries, must abide by stringent rules and regulations to ensure products can be tracked and traced from the beginning at the production line to the end user.

    A unique GTIN code is assigned to items and using optical character recognition (OCR), an important facet of artificial intelligence in manufacturing, the unique code can be extracted from the text within the image and be checked against the master database to ensure it matches the stored data for that item. Packages without a readable GTIN or unmatched codes will be rejected.

    Notes Extraction & Machine Input

    OCR can also be harnessed by extracting and storing text from images of handwritten notes, whether it be from the consumer end, delivery service or any part of the manufacturing process. Additionally, rather than inputting instructions into a machine manually, you can increase productivity by using OCR to extract the text from an image.

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