Functional AI-driven Platform for Everyone empowers anyone to build powerful image recognition models, with no coding or prior AI knowledge required. Our user-friendly online platform makes it simple for beginners to get started while offering extensive features for experienced users.

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Features of the Machine Learning Platform

AI-Assisted Annotation. Our smart labeling tools accelerate the labeling process and help the user manage large volumes of visual data conveniently. Use to annotate data for various models, including: Image classification, Object detection, and Image segmentation. Learn more about the annotation process here.

Advanced Project Management. Track progress – evaluate the labeler’s time spent and the number of images labeled, inspect quality, and manage user permissions for large projects. Manage large teams and projects hassle-free. Easily add or remove users, and control their access levels based on their specific roles within the project.

Pre-trained Models. Get started instantly with pre-built models – we offer pre-trained models for general classification, places classification, NSFW classification, object detection, instance segmentation, text recognition, pose estimation and background removal. These models can categorize objects, identify locations, detect text, estimate human pose, and remove backgrounds – all without any training required by you.

Image Similarity Search. Image similarity search helps you to clear your datasets by identifying and removing duplicates, while also aiding image labeling through the efficient discovery of similar images. This functionality ultimately leads to cohesive, more efficient, and well-labeled datasets.

Smart Labeling option. The "Label by Similarity” tool helps to speed up image labeling for classification. It works by suggesting labels for unlabeled images based on a small set of pre-labeled images. We also have a smart tool to speed up image segmentation annotation.

How to deploy Machine Learning Models

Our Machine Learning Platform offers flexible deployment options to suit your needs:

Web interface

Web Interface

Test and use pre-trained models quickly and easily without needing code. Ideal for simple use cases that don't require high volume processing.
Rest API


Integrate image recognition seamlessly into your applications with REST API. Perfect for building custom workflows and handling large datasets.
On premise solution

On Premise Models

On-Premise Models: can be used offline, keeping your data entirely on-premise for maximum security and privacy.
Sentisight on mobile

Mobile app

Leverage image recognition on the go with our user-friendly mobile app. Upload images and utilize detection features directly from your smartphone.

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No Coding Required, Multitude of Possibilities

Whether you have a unique classification task or want to build a custom object detection system, provides the tools to bring your vision to life.

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€1 / 1000 predictions

1vN similarity search

€1 / 1000 predictions

NvN similarity search

€N / 1000 predictions

Image labeling

€1 / 1000 labels*


€3.6 / hour of training or pre-processing

Project sharing

€15 / additional user share**

Disk space

€1 / 10 GB (5 GB provided for free)

For more information about the pricing, visit the Pricing Page.