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Some of the image recognition tasks have specific requirements and cannot be completed using the automated system. In this case, you should consider requesting a custom project. If you do so, our experts will look at your data and offer you a custom solution.

We kindly recommend filling in the form below to order a custom project. You can also contact us by email . However, please note, that having more information about your problem will help us both to better understand your needs, as well as give you a quicker and more informative answer. In either case, we strongly recommend to send us some sample pictures illustrating your problem, otherwise, we will most likely not be able to help.

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    Questions about your data

    I have sample images taken by the camera I am planning to use in productionI have sample images taken by phone or some other test cameraI don't have any sample images

    We strongly recommend you to send us sample images if you have them

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