Use our image similarity search model to easily find similar images

We offer image similarity search pre-trained model that you can use out-of-the-box without any additional training.

An image similarity search model is used to find visually similar images to one that is uploaded. The retrieved images are sorted by their similarity score, allowing users to efficiently sort large datasets to find duplicates or similar images.

The Image Similarity models come in two forms:

  • 1vN model.

  • NvN model.

1 vs N Image Similarity

The 1 vs N model allows users to find all similar images in your data set to your ‘query’ image.

Use the 1vN Tool in 3 easy steps;

  • Upload your selection of images to use as your data set, to find similar images within
  • Upload your ‘query image’, the image that you would like to find similar images to
  • Start your model to make a prediction!

N vs N Image Similarity

The N vs N model allows users to find all similar image pairs within your data set.

Use the NvN Tool in 2 easy steps;

  • Upload your selection of images to use as your data set, to find similar image pairs within
  • Start your model to make a prediction!

Use Cases of Image Similarity

Features of Platform

Four different ways to use the Image Similarity

You can train and use your own Image Similarity Search models using in a number of ways, depending on your requirements and set-up

Web interface

Web Interface

Using the tools on the Web Interface is the quickest and most straightforward way for trying out your similarity search models or using them if you do not require scalability.

Rest API


Using the REST API to build your image similarity search models offers you a great deal of flexibility and scalability without the need for expensive hardware such as GPUs.

On premise solution

On Premise Models

The image similarity search tool is available to download for offline use, allowing you to use the tool without the need to send data to our server.

Sentisight on mobile

Mobile app

The mobile app enables users to easily use image similarity tool from their phone, as well as uploading images to their projects.

Get Sentisight app on Google Play

Download Sentisight app on the App Store

Use the Image Similarity tool for yourself

To get started using for comparing datasets of images for similarity, simply register for a account and head over to the dashboard to get started!

Summary of Image Similarity Search Pricing is supported by a pay-as-you-go wallet based system that allows users to pay for only what they use, maximising flexibility and value for money. New users get €20 of free credits when you sign up for a account. Every user receives €5 a month of free credits for use on the platform. There is no need to enter your billing information to receive these free credits. Therefore, the platform can be completely free to use if you do exceed the €5 monthly free credit buffer.

The cost to train and use the Image Similarity Search tool are as follows;

Pricing Range 1-10,000 Predictions 10,001-100,000 predictions 100,000+ predictions
Prediction 0.0008-0.001 EUR 0.001 EUR / prediction 0.0009 EUR / prediction 0.0008 EUR / prediction
1vN Similarity Search 1 x Predicition Price 1 x 0.001 EUR / prediction 1 x 0.0009 EUR / prediction 1 x 0.0008 EUR / prediction
NvN Similiarity Search N x Prediction Price N x 0.001 EUR / prediction N x 0.0009 EUR / prediction N x 0.0008 EUR / prediction

Dedicated Image Similarity Search Service

Customers with a large selection of images can use a dedicated Image Similarity Search service where the images are loaded and kept in the computer memory so that the search requests are faster. The cost of this service is dependant upon the quantity of images that the customer has.

<50’000 images 100 EUR / month

<100’000 images 150 EUR / month

<200’000 images 200 EUR / month

<500’000 images 300 EUR / month

>500’000 images contact us

To set up a dedicated image similarity search service requires a manual server set-up. To set up your dedicated service for image similarity search, please contact us.

Each user gets 5GB of disk space for free, with additional disk space available for 1 GB for 0.1 EUR / month.

For full details of’s pricing model, including project management features and extra disk space, please visit the Pricing Page.