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Pricing for is supported by a pay-as-you-go wallet system that ensures users maximum flexibility and value for money when using the platform.

The pay-as-you-go wallet enables users to perform operations on the various Image Recognition models that has to offer. Each operation has a separate cost, which can be found below. supports a regressive pricing model, which ensures our most active users benefit from lower per-operation costs.

Users can top-up their wallets by PayPal or Bank Transfer, and users are able to set an arranged ‘overdraft’ limit so that they are able to continue using the platform, settling their accounts at the end of the month. This overdraft feature means that users do not need to pay upfront for their usage, only paying for what they use throughout the month, whilst also setting monthly limits which help to avoid any surprise bills.

There are certain project management features, such as disk usage and number of users in shared projects that are charged monthly.

Every registered user receives 10 eur a month of Complimentary Credits to be used for any activity (excluding Model Download)*.

Register today to start receiving your Complimentary Credits!

*Complimentary Credits do not roll over to the subsequent month. Full details of the Complimentary Credits system can be found below in the Full Details section.

Pay-as-you-go Pricing

Predictions and Similarity Search

1-10,000 Predictions 10,001-100,000 predictions 100,000+ predictions
Prediction 0.001 EUR / prediction 0.0009 EUR / prediction 0.0008 EUR / prediction
1vN Similarity Search 1 x 0.001 EUR / prediction 1 x 0.0009 EUR / prediction 1 x 0.0008 EUR / prediction
NvN Similiarity Search N x 0.001 EUR / prediction N x 0.0009 EUR / prediction N x 0.0008 EUR / prediction

Image Labeling

0-10,000 labels 10,001 - 100,000 labels 100,000+ labels
Image Labeling 0.001 EUR / label 0.0008 EUR / label 0.0005 EUR / label


0-1,440 minutes 1,441+ minutes
1 Minute Training Time 0.06 EUR / min 0.048 EUR / min
Preprocess Image 0.06 EUR / min 0.048 EUR / min

Project Management

Additional users for a shared project available for 15 EUR / month

Each extra user share enables that invited user to be added to as many different projects as required. The number of user shares are the maximum number of different users in your projects, including yourself.

Model Download models can be used either online, via web interface or our REST API server, or offline, by downloading the model and setting up a local REST API server. The offline models can be used as a free trial for 30 days. After that, in order to continue using the offline model, you will have to buy a license. The license price depends on the required speed for your server and it ranges between 100 to 2000 EUR. The free trial always runs in "slow" speed mode. The license price is a one-off fee.

There are three license types: Serial number license, Internet license and Volume license manager.

For the Volume license manager option a physical dongle will be required, which costs an additional 16 EUR + shipping.

 Fast Model Download 2000 EUR

Regular Model Download 500 EUR

Slow Model Download 100 EUR

Dedicated Image Similarity Search Service

Customers with a large selection of images can use a dedicated Image Similarity Search service where the images are loaded and kept in the computer memory so that the search requests are faster. The cost of this service is dependant upon the quantity of images that the customer has.

<50'000 images 100 EUR / month

<100'000 images 150 EUR / month

<200'000 images 200 EUR / month

<500'000 images 300 EUR / month

>500'000 images contact us

To set up a dedicated image similarity search service requires a manual server set-up. To set up your dedicated service for image similarity search, please contact us.

Disk Space

Each user gets 5GB for free, additional 1 GB costs 0.1 EUR/month.

Custom Pricing

If our offered subscription plans do not meet your needs, please, contact us to get a custom pricing. Or you can order a Custom Project and we will find the best solution together.

  • Full Details of the Wallet Subscription Model

    • Every user gets 10 eur/month of Complimentary Credits that can be used for any operation on the platform, apart from Model Download. These complimentary credits reset to 10eur on the first day of the month, with leftover credit not rolling over to the subsequent month.

    • Every user will have a Credit Balance that they can view after logging in. The balance will be displayed in Euros, and can be topped up via PayPal or Bank Transfer.

    • After the Complimentary Credits have been used up, the cost of each operation on the platform will be deducted from the User’s Balance

    • Once a User has made a credit top-up of at least 5 eur, they will be able to set a Maximum Overdraft Limit of up to 100 eur, allowing the User Balance to become negative when using the platform, to be paid off at a later date. By default, this overdraft limit is set to zero.

    • Our most active and loyal customers have the right but not an obligation to increase this maximum overdraft limit, however the decision remains at the complete discretion of the team. To request a higher maximum overdraft limit, please contact us.

    • The Overdraft can be repaid at any time during the month, or will be automatically collected on the last day of the month. The subsequent month’s complimentary credits do not contribute towards paying off the overdraft.

    • Users can top up their account at any stage, regardless of whether their balance is positive or negative.

    • If by the end of the month the Balance is negative, the negative amount will be displayed in the Amount Due field, and a Due Date assigned. By default the Due Date is the start of the next month after the Amount Due is set.

    • If the user has not paid the Amount due, they are not permitted to perform any further operations, until the Amount due is paid.

    • Certain features, such as used Disk space and the number of users in shared projects (so called User shares) are charged monthly.

    • Every user receives complimentary 5GB of Disk space and 2 User shares for free. Users are charged based on the maximum limit they set for Disk space and User shares. They will only be charged if they increase the maximum limit of Disk space or User shares above the free limit.

    • When the user increases the maximum limit of Disk space or User shares, Complimentary Credits will firstly be used. If there is an insufficient amount of Complimentary Credits to cover the desired increases, then the User Balance will be charged. The amount is withdrawn immediately after the maximum limit increase on the 1st day of every month.

    • If a User decreases the maximum limit of Disk Space or User Shares, they will not be refunded any credits for that month, however starting from the subsequent month the charge will be based upon the new limits.

    • If the user does not have enough Balance (including overdraft) on the 1st day of month to pay for the Disk space and/or User shares, we will automatically reduce the maximum Disk space and User shares limit for the user until he has enough balance to pay for them. If after reduction the actual Disk space and/or User shares usage exceeds the limits, all of his actions on will be blocked until the user takes actions to account for this, by either topping-up their Balance to pay for higher limits, deleting excess files, or removing extra users from shared projects.

    • The price for Dedicated similarity search service is charged monthly. To set up a Dedicated Similarity Search Service, please contact the team.

  • Full Details of the Black Friday Deal

    • The Black Friday Discount is scheduled to run until 23:59 05/12/21 UTC, however we reserve the right to stop this promotion at any time.

    • Should a user request a refund, they will receive the financial value paid, not the extra credits.

    • For any enquiries, please use our contact form to get in touch.

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