- Image labeling and recognition

A place to build your own image recognition AI. Login to implement modern deep learning techniques interactively with no coding at all!

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Fish detection


Employ AI to detect the desired objects in the images. Save on the labor force in monitoring your systems!

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Birds detection


Manage millions of images faster by automatically extracting the target information about them. Build an AI model and customize it by the criteria of your choice.

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Parakeets - birds

Labeling offers a powerful labeling tool that allows you to draw bounding boxes, polygons, bitmaps, polylines and points. It also includes a smart labeling tool, project sharing, user role management as well as time tracking.

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Similar dog search


Upload a picture and find the most similar images in the database or perform NvN similarity search to find and remove duplicates.

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Powerful features

Image labeling

Labels icon

Classification labels, bounding boxes, polygons, polylines, points, bitmaps

Smart labeling tool icon

Smart labeling tool

Project sharing icon

Project sharing with user role/permission system

Time tracking icon

Labeling time tracking

Filtering icon

Image filtering tools

Image recognition

Image classification icon

Image classification model training

Object detection icon

Object detection model training

Pretrain model icon

Pretrained models (General classification, general object detection, NSFW classification, “Places” classification)

Similarity search icon

Image Similarity Search

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