We at SentiSight.ai would like to provide students with a hands-on experience of AI using the latest deep learning tools. Therefore, we are offering a total of 50 euros of free credits to students for use on our image labeling and recognition platform.

To qualify for the free credits, students will not need to make any deposits or purchases. Instead, they can simply make a free account on our platform and then enter a university-specific voucher code that we will generate for them to use. From there, they will be able to start their own image recognition projects!

If you are a member of a faculty or a department, you need to fill in an application form on this page so we could generate a university-specific voucher code. Then we will email you the voucher code so that you can distribute to your students. If you are a student, please, ask a member of faculty or your department to fill in this form, so you can enjoy the benefits!

Our SentiSight.ai platform enables users to label images, as well as train and deploy their own Image Recognition models such as Object Detection, Image Classification and Image Similarity Search. It is a great way to teach students about basic machine learning concepts, as well as evaluation methods, such as confusion matrices, precision-recall curves, etc.

Register your Department Here

If you are a member of a faculty or department fill in this form in order to receive a voucher code that you can distribute to your students. Each voucher works only with a specific email domain (the part that follows after "@", for example, "@mif.stud.vu.lt"). Some universities have different email domains for students and for faculty members, so we ask email domain that is used specifically for students.

    How does this scheme work?

    1How do I register my department?
    Simply fill in the contact form using your university email address, and we will create a voucher code specifically for your department.
    2Why do you need my university email address?
    We will create a unique voucher code for the students of your department, and we need to verify you have the right to act on behalf of the department.
    3Will I need to make any deposits or payments to use the free credits?
    No, simply make a free account and enter the voucher code on the platform wallet.
    4Why does a faculty member of the department need to contact you?
    It is a safeguarding measure to ensure that the voucher codes end up in the right hands.
    5Can I use this offer with any other offer?
    New users will continue to receive the 5 euros of free credits that all users receive. However, students will receive 50 euros of free credits rather than the 20 euros that new users receive. This will be redeemable in the form of a 30 euros credit.