Custom projects

If you think you would rather let us do the job for you, consider requesting a custom project. Then, our experts will take care of building a suitable model while collaborating with you, analyzing your needs, data, possible issues, etc.

When do I request a custom project?

  1. If you simply cannot do it yourself and would like to have the project fully completed
  2. If your task is rather specific and cannot be fully accomplished by an automatic system. For example, when a customized output is needed, or special accuracy improvements.
  3. You can choose to switch to Custom Project from Steps 2, 3, 4 or 5 (read more about workflow steps), when you no longer want to continue doing it yourself.

How does a custom project work?

In a custom project, you will still be expected to complete Step 1, i.e., collecting the images. It is only you who knows the best what kind of images you will be working with, and what exactly you would like to be recognized from those. We will be there to help you and provide guidance if you are not sure how to start, since some tasks might be rather tricky.

We recommend sending us a few sample pictures that you are going to use. This way we will better understand your needs and imaging conditions. The form provides a special field for that purpose.

We believe the best way to learn the details of your project is having a conversation by phone. Please let us know convenient times for you to have a call.

We kindly recommend filling in the form to order a custom project

You can also contact us by email Please note that having more information about your problem will help us better understand your needs and possibilities. This way we will be able to give you a quicker and more informative answer.

Contact information

Project details

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Questions about your data

I have sample images taken by the camera I am planning to use in productionI have sample images taken by phone or some other test cameraI don't have any sample images

We recommend you to send us sample images if you have them

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