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Object Detection Deep Learning

Discover our range of in-depth articles concerning object detection deep learning. Here you can learn about the matter itself and how the SentiSight.ai platform allows users to create their own object detection models.

June 3, 2021

The Evolution of Object Detection

Even though object detection seems like an innovative computer vision technology, it has been all around us since the early 1960s. Its first applications included character pattern recognition systems in office automation related tasks, assembly and verification processes in the semiconductor industry that directly contributed to various countries’ economic development.
February 8, 2021

Quickstart guide for training object detection model using SentiSight.ai

Object detection is one of the most praised use cases of artificial intelligence. In simple terms it is an algorithm searching for objects in an image and assigning suitable labels to them. It is sometimes confused with image classification due to their similar use case scenarios. In particular, the goal of object detection is to identify the object and mark its position with a bounding box, while image classification identifies which category the given image belongs to. Needless to say, the former is more suitable for images that have a few objects of interest in them or if the object constitutes only a small part of the image. Example images below show which tool suits a picture better.
Quickstart guide for training object detection model using SentiSight.ai
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