Automatically add Alt Text to images using Computer Vision API

Search Engines love Alt Text, it helps them to understand the content of your images. However, adding alt text to every image on every page is a tiresome task, especially for sites with evergreen UGC. Using our Computer Vision API, images can have alt text automatically suggested in a format that is easy to integrate to your website, saving you time whilst boosting your SEO.

An accurate and easy-to-integrate artificial intelligence solution:

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How does the Automated Alt Text Generator API work?

The SentiSight pre-trained models can be used to generate automatic alt text suggestions based on the content of the images. The relevant pre-trained models for Alt Text are:

  • Places Classification - Identify the place or type of place within an image, such as the beach or a park
  • General Classification - Classification is one of the primary uses of image recognition, used to identify the content of an image
  • General Object Detection - Accessible image datasets with real-time analytics to highlight any aspects of the production line which need addressing.

The predictions can then be downloaded as either CSV or JSON, which can easily be integrated on to your website.

Setting alt text for images is very important for SEO and is a key contributing search engine ranking factor.

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To begin using a pre-trained model via REST API you will need these details:

API token 

Available under "User profile" menu tab

Model name

Either: General-classification, Places-classification, NSFW-classification, Object-detection, Text-recognition, Pose-estimation

Use this endpoint for predictions:{your_model_name}/

Additional Custom Solutions for AI Alt Text Generator

Our turnkey solutions are designed to offer automated Alt Text suggestions for a wide array of common types of images. If you require a more custom Alt Text solution, you can train a classification or object detection model online using the SentiSight platform. 

Should you require a custom solution, please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our team will get back to you to discuss your project further and how can be of use to help you reach your goal.

Image classification oranges

Build your own image classification models to interpret and categorize the content within images

Train your own Image Classification Models


Build your own object detection models to identify and locate objects within images

Train your own Object Detection Models