- Image labeling and recognition

Image Recognition

Build and train your own Image Recognition Models

The platform offers extensive and powerful image recognition tools that are easy to use, allowing every user to label images, as well as train and deploy their own Image Recognition Models regardless of their understanding and knowledge of AI and deep learning.

Simple for beginners yet powerful for experts, the online dashboard enables users to build image recognition models such as Object Detection, Image Classification and Image Similarity Search models.

The turnkey online solution for your Image Recognition Projects

Using the platform for yourself is supported by a pay-as-you-go wallet based system that allows users to pay for only what they use, maximising flexibility and value for money.

Every registered user receives 10 euros a month of Complimentary Credits, that can be used for any transaction on the platform (excluding model download).

These free credits can be used for either 10000 predictions, 10000 labels or 166 minutes of training time every month.

Our Clients & Partners

  • Extreme
  • Conchology
  • Smartfield
  • Dineta
  • Foldsolutions
  • Ligence
  • Skuba


  • Eduardo San Agustín
    Using SentiSight we have accelerated our project. A simple and mature interface for image recognition at a very affordable price.
    Eduardo San Agustín
    Development Manager at Smartfields
  •  Punya Keerthana Rallabhandi
    I chose for a Computer Vision use case, which turned out to be the best in providing various solutions all under one platform right from image labeling to model deployment. The tool is indeed user friendly, simple and customized as per the user's requirements. Noticeable highlight of the tool is the flexibility in using the Image Labeling functionality with adding classification labels, bounding box/polygons/bitmaps/points/attributes. Amidst all the tools available for the CV task, stands prominent and I personally recommend using the tool as a one stop solution in regard to CV and AI use cases.
    Punya Keerthana Rallabhandi
    Computer vision engineer at JSS Science and Technology
  • Riccardo Di Marcantonio
    Thanks to technologies we have improved our social listening services by offering our customers new features for image analysis. The team supported us in the tuning, setup and integration of the technology in our systems with effectiveness and competence, allowing us to reach our goal in a short time.
    Riccardo Di Marcantonio
  • Philippe Poppe made object recognition simple. Our conchology image database was easily connected to and within days we had a working product to use. Thank you for making the process of recognizing objects so easy.
    Philippe Poppe
    CEO of Conchology, Inc.
  • Oscar Zuniga
    SentiSight is a very user-friendly application, without being an expert, personally, I have tested different models, to identify structural failures, through images made with unmanned vehicles. With a good training, it is very accurate, we still have a long way to go, but I recommend it 100%
    Oscar Zuniga
    COO and CTO of Boro Minning Ltda


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