Topics covered:
  • The default platform's behavior - training on all images
  • Filtering images by label or by type
  • Selecting images for training manually

You can download video tutorial here

Selecting images for training video tutorial

The platform’s default behaviour - Training on all images
If you want to use all the images to train your model, just click on the ‘Train’ and then choose the type of model that you want to train. On the ‘Label Count’ section on the train model dashboard, it will show the number of each label to be included in the Training.
Filtering images by label or type

If you would like to train a model based on only certain labels, you can do so by filtering the images by label, using the ‘Filter by Labels’ on the left hand side.

Users are also able to filter labels by type, such as whether they are multi label or single label images.

Selecting images for training manually

Finally, you can select images for training manually, using the mouse and keyboard. Press and hold Ctrl when clicking on all images that you would like to include in the data set to train the model.

Make sure to collect at least 15 images per class before starting to train the model.

The ‘Select all images’ button on the bottom left is a great way to select all images but then unselect a handful of images not to be included in the training set. To deselect images, hold control and then click on the images.