offers a powerful image labeling tool that allows you to label images and use them for training deep learning models on-site, or download those image labels in a .json format and use them for your in-house model training. Our flexible platform allows you to add several types of labels: classification labels, bounding boxes, polygons, polylines, points and bitmaps. Each labeled object can have several child objects, such as key-points or attributes. What is more, you can use our smart labeling tool to make the bitmap labeling process even faster.

Management of labeling projects

There are several useful project management functionalities, which will help you to efficiently manage your project:

  • Project sharing with user role/permission system for those, who have large projects with multiple persons dedicated for labeling. Our system allows several users to label images in the same project, track their progress, manage their roles, permissions and much more!
  • Labeling time tracking for users, who want to calculate their time spent on a certain project and use this data to calculate project costs, salaries or bonuses for employees.
  • Image filtering tools for those, who need to filter images by label type, by label name or by people who labeled or reviewed the image.